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Charli Persip

Charli Persip - How Not To Play Drums

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Komponist: Charli Persip
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Verlag: Hal Leonard
Bestell-Nr.: 00000993
ISBN: 9780634059476
Sprache: englisch
Gewicht: 213 g
Maße: 229x305 mm
Seiten: 56


From Tadd Dameron through Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Eckstine, Cannonball Adderly and Benny Golson, to his own 17-piece 'Supersound' big band, Charli Persip has been one of the most in-demand drummers in all of jazz, as well as in the pop genre. A textbook example of how to play the drums, Persip has proven his worth in a wide variety of ensembles and handled the transitions from one group to the next without missing a beat. Learn from his experiences and share some of his insights in this practical, down-to-earth text. Newly revised and expanded to include 'The Warm-Up Exercise,' this book for all musicians and music lovers is loaded with playing tips, great advice and anecdotes.