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Michel Legrand

The Michel Legrand Songbook

Besetzung: Songbuch (Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre)
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Michel Legrand
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Genre: Chanson
Verlag: International Music Publications (IMP)
Bestell-Nr.: PF9650
ISBN: 9781576239339
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 31.05.1997
Gewicht: 635 g
Seiten: 184


Although Legrand made his fortune from writing music for movies, he also did significant work in the jazz arena. This selection of songs is arranged for the piano, voice and guitar.


A Friend Has Gone Away
After The Rain
Between Yesterday And Tomorrow
Can You Tell The Moment?
The Easy Way
Faded Roses (Noelle's Theme)
The Hands Of Time (Brian's Song)
His Eyes, Her Eyes
How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
If There Were No Dreams
I Was Born In Love With You
I Will Say Goodbye
I Will Wait For You
Little Boy Lost (Aka Pieces Of Dreams)
Love Makes The Changes
Maybe Someone Dreamed Us
The Moon And I
Nobody Knows
No Matter What Happens
On My Way To You
Once Upon A Summertime
Once I've Been In Love
One At A Time
Papa Can You Hear Me?
A Piece Of Sky
Secret Places
Something New In My Life
Such Sweet Sorrow
The Summer Knows
Summer Me, Winter Me
Tell A Lie
That's Show Biz
This Quiet Room
Watch What Happens
The Way He Makes Me Feel
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
Where Is It Written?
Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way
The Windmills Of My Youth
You Must Belive In Spring