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The Beatles

Let It Be

Essential Piano Singles (Single Sheet/Audio Download)

Besetzung: Songbuch (Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre)
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Interpret: The Beatles
Genre: Pop Musik
Serie: Essential Piano Singles
Verlag: Northern Songs
Bestell-Nr.: NO91905
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 04.10.2015
Gewicht: 60 g
Seiten: 6


The 'Essential Piano Singles' collection is a series of collectible classic songs in a Piano and Vocal format and easy-to-play arrangements. The Beatles's 'Let It Be' is presented here in this innovative design, with downloadable audio tracks, performance hints and interesting song background notes. This is the best possible way to play and sing this all-time classic tune.

All the titles in the 'Essential Piano Singles' series come with instantly-downloadable audio that includes demonstrations at full and half-tempo. You'll be able to gradually build up your accuracy and speed, eventually playing the song perfectly. Not only this, but separate audio mixes for the left and right hand will let you focus on one particular part of your playing, while the metronome track lets you rehearse at the correct tempo.

In a special six-panel, gatefold card booklet, 'Let It Be' by The Beatles is presented without the need for page-turns. To make this the best guide to learning this fantastic song, some performance hints and tips have been included, while the fascinating background notes will give you some information about the song before you start trying to play it.

This stylish 'Essential Piano Singles' edition of The Beatles's huge hit 'Let It Be' makes learning and playing as convenient and easy as possible. With an invaluable download card and some added extras, this is all you'll need to learn one of the all-time great songs.