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Take the Lead: Ballads for Trumpet

Besetzung: Trompete
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
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Serie: Take The Lead
Verlag: International Music Publications (IMP)
Bestell-Nr.: IMP8486A
ISBN: 9781903692066
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 31.03.2001
Gewicht: 156 g
Seiten: 1


Take the lead is an integrated series for alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano, tenor saxophone, trumpet and violin. In each edition all of the songs are in the same key at concert pitch, allowing the different instruments to play together. Chord symbols are included at concert pitch for use by piano or guitar. 'Take the Lead Ballads' features arrangements of popular ballads from the nineties including 'My Heart Will Go On' and 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' Students have a choice of playing along with CD, Piano or Guitar and all pieces are fully integrated with arrangements for other instruments in the series, making this the ideal resource for school bands and small ensembles. Used as a solo book these idiomatic arrangements will boost players' confidence and are ideal for the end of term concert. Contents: Amazed; Get Here; I Don't Want To Miss A Thing; My Heart Will Go On; Swear It Again; The Rose; The Wind Beneath My Wings


Get Here
I Don't Want To Miss
A Thing
A Little Bit More
My Heart Will Go On
The Rose
Swear It Again
The Wind Beneath My Wings