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Adeste Fideles (Oh Come All Ye Faithful)

Adeste Fideles (Oh Come All Ye Faithful)
Besetzung: Blechbläserquintett
Ausgabe: Noten
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Bearbeiter: Henry Wolking
Genre: Weihnachtslied
Verlag: Walrus Music Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: WMP64170


The popular yet ancient melody has been attributed to a variety of composers, yet it still remains anonymous. This arrangement explores the tune from times past to the present. The first verse is transcribed from a motet by Samuel Webbe published in 1795 for solo soprano and piano. The second is a precise transcription (including dynamics and articulations) of the first variation of a piano arrangement by Charles Grobe published in 1854. The third is in the original key of an 1892 hymnal arrangement by Mary Palmer and John Farmer. The fourth verse and coda are my own. Most all versions of the tune until the 20th century were known as Adeste Fideles. Two alternate trumpet parts in C are included. Trumpet 1 in Bb to written G just above the staff. Medium.