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Andrea Cappellari

Xylophone And Vibraphone for Beginners

Besetzung: Xylophon und Vibraphon
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Andrea Cappellari
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Verlag: Edition Carisch
Bestell-Nr.: CAR-MK19156
ISBN: 9788850730445
Sprache: italienisch
Erscheinung: 19.04.2016
Gewicht: 305 g
Seiten: 72


This book is designed to be used by beginner Xylophone and Vibraphone players. All the pieces have a limited range of note durations from eighth note to whole note, together with their respective rests, and they are in major and minor keys with a maximum of one accidental. This ensures a gradual introduction to the world of tuned percussion. All melodies are either classical themes or else are taken from American popular music. For all duets (Xylophone/Vibraphone) the Xylophone part is also transposed for both B Flat and E Flat instruments to enable music-making with other instrumentalists. Trios and Quartets facilitate the formation of first percussion ensembles.