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Jerry Estes

Our Gift For You

Besetzung: Chor
Ausgabe: Showtrax-CD
Komponist: Jerry Estes
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Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: ALF11854
Erscheinung: 31.03.1994
Gewicht: 45 g


What a wonderful choice for your 2-part or 3-part choirs. Long, held notes with simple harmonic movement make OUR GIFT FOR YOU ideal for developing a good choral blend. And the text - in which the singers' ""gift"" is peace, love, and joy - is universal. Optional sign language symbols (for the chorus) are included in the publication. Although it's a ""general"" piece suitable for performance year' round, we think it's appropriate for Christmas, too. Featured on ""On with the Show!"" video, 00-21799.