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Jerry Estes

Our Gift For You

Besetzung: Frauenchor (SSA) und Klavier
Ausgabe: Chorpartitur
Komponist: Jerry Estes
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Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: ALF21650
Erscheinung: 31.03.2003
Gewicht: 25 g
Seiten: 12


You may remember this touching ballad in the 3-part mixed or 2-part editions, and now your SSA choir can deliver the gift of peace, joy, and love with this heartfelt favorite. It's one of Jerry Estes' most thoughtful and best. You'll discover how easy it is to warm the hearts of an audience with the logical harmonies, simple text, moderate ranges, and optional sign language. A musical treat and a generous sentiment. Appropriate for the holidays or at any time of year. Featured on 'On with the Show!' video, #21799.