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Grey Swans

Grey Swans
Besetzung: Big Band
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
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Bearbeiter: Joseph Carucci
Verlag: Walrus Music Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: WMP51282


After a delicate introduction, the first half of Grey Swans features an up-beat groove with a trombone solo and syncopated ensemble section. The second half is a lyrical jazz ballad developing from the counterpoint between the trombone and baritone saxophone into a harmonic climax. The ballad is composed in a ten measure cyclical form, and is open for solos. Optional woodwind doubling parts are available. Alto 1 and Alto 2 - flute/tenor 1,2, & bari clarinet. Tpt.1 to high D, Trbn. to G. 5/4/4/G/P/B/D. Medium.