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The Kinks

The Kinks - Die Story (Biografie)

Besetzung: Literatur
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Komponist: The Kinks
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Interpret: The Kinks
Verlag: Bosworth Music
Bestell-Nr.: BOE7602
ISBN: 9783865436986
Sprache: deutsch
Seiten: 328


The Kinks are the quintessential British sixties band, revered for an incredible series of classic songs (You Really Got Me, Waterloo Sunset, and Lola to name but a few) and critically acclaimed albums.

Featuring original interviews with key band members Ray Davies, his brother Dave and Mick Avory, as well as Chrissie Hynde and many others close to the group, every stage of their career is covered in fascinating detail: the hits, the American successes of the 1970s and the legendary band in-fighting. Nearly 50 years after they formed, The Kinks influence is still being felt today as strongly as ever.