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Giovanni Bruni


Besetzung: Blasorchester
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Giovanni Bruni
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Genre: Konzertante Musik
Verlag: Scomegna Edizioni Musicali
Bestell-Nr.: SCO1427-19A
Erscheinung: 01.08.2019
Dauer: 6:40 min


The thematic material of this composition has been inspired by some popular melodies from Andalo (Trento), where Giovanni Bruni has been for nine years the conductor of the wind band ?Altopiano di Andalo.? In the first part of the piece we can hear the notes of the town?s church bells, which every evening intone the song ?È l'ora che pia.? The second part the melody, assigned first to the flutes and then to the trumpets and sax, takes inspiration from the jingle of the summer events: ?Andalo tu.? The finale is a reprise of the first part in the new tonality of F. From the compositional point of view, the piece is based on the interval of minor third and on the tritone. The author has skillfully hidden these elements in a style that is typical of science fiction film scores, playing with the evocations inspired by the title: Nove (Nine). Recent news presented the alleged discovery of "Planet Nine," a new planet that should be part of our solar system. Hidden in the darkness of space, Nine would travel an orbit twenty times farther than Neptune and would be ten times heavier than the Earth. It is believed, that its gravitational force would be the cause of the inclination of the orbital plane of our solar system.