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Filippo Ledda

Sparkles of Joy

Besetzung: Blasorchester
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Filippo Ledda
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Genre: Konzertante Musik
Verlag: Scomegna Edizioni Musicali
Bestell-Nr.: SCO1477-19A
Erscheinung: 01.08.2019
Dauer: 5:30 min


Little Lisabèla, completely absorbed in one of her games, has fun in that fascinating and primordial way that belongs to every child: she relates to nature and to the objects that surround her in a surprising way; her gestures and her looks show brushstrokes of happiness and sparks of joy. This is the joy of those who face the world with wonder, those who, immersed in their desire for discovery, are amazed by the beauty of what they encounter.
And the adults? Will they be able, at least for a moment, to become children again and look at reality through the eyes of Lisabèla, or will they remain closed in the confines of their superficiality, indifferent to the wonderful world that surrounds them?
Based on the themes of the popular Trentino song " Òi Lisabèla," Sparkles of Joy was written for the concert-show "War of Peace - In Memoriam 1918-2018," which the Regional Youth Band ANBIMA Friuli Venezia Giulia performed in the summer 2018, on the centenary of the end of the First World War.