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Jamey Aebersold

Aebersold Vol.88: Millenium Blues

Besetzung: Play Along (alle Instrumente)
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
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Interpret: Jamey Aebersold
Serie: Aebersold Play-A-Long
Verlag: Jamey Aebersold Jazz
Bestell-Nr.: AEB-V88DS
ISBN: 9781562242473
Erscheinung: 30.06.2015
Gewicht: 13 g


Intermediate/Advanced. The BLUES are BACK!! The blues are the basis of much modern music, and this volume highlights many of the different ways the blues are approached in jazz. There are a variety of feels, grooves, and tempos which will give you a good workout on the blues progression.

Rhythm Section: John Stetch (p); Rufus Reid (b); Akira Tana (d)


Achin' And Breakin'
Lame Duck
The Real McCoy
3/4 Double-Up Blues
In A Minor Mood
Bertha's Bossa
Sweet Combustion
Hustle And Shuffle
Dance Of The Infidels
Faster Than Whiz
Stop, Stop, Stop-Time Blues
Three Plus Two
E.T.'s Blues