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Noten aus der Reihe "Alfred Concert Band Series"

  • Lennie Niehaus

    Glenn Ridge

    (A Concert March)

    • Besetzung Blasorchester
    • Besetzung Blasorchester

    This piece combines the best from the past and present. It is written in the traditional concert march from of the legendary John Philip Sousa, but with harmonies, melodies, and syncopated rhythms...

    Bestell-Nr.: ALF4379


    Bestell-Nr.: ALF4379

    lieferbar Lieferzeit 3-4 Wochen
  • John Cacavas

    The Fourth Of July

    • Besetzung Blasorchester
    • Besetzung Blasorchester

    An amazing pastiche of some of America's most loved patriotic music that pulls out all the stops! A fanfare-like introduction leads into motifs of 'You're a Grand Old Flag', 'Columbia, The Gem of the...

    Bestell-Nr.: ALF5205


    Bestell-Nr.: ALF5205

    lieferbar Lieferzeit 5-7 Werktage
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