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Jay Coles


Besetzung: Blasorchester
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Jay Coles
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Serie: Barnhouse Command Series
Verlag: C.L. Barnhouse Company
Bestell-Nr.: 011-4493-00
Erscheinung: 31.12.2015
Dauer: 00:02:42 min


'Insurrection' is a bold, ominous and aggressively spirited musical juggernaut, full of energy from start to finish! Depicting the intensity and unsettled feel of sudden conflict, it begins with a powerfully introspective statement, and quickly shifts gears to a faster, eerier direction with colliding dissonances and staccato rhythms in the high Doug Woodwinds. A calmer emotional release follows, before the revolt against authority returns with the relentless and forceful energy of the opening. The dynamics, choppy Doug Woodwind flourishes, powerful low brass riffs, and frenzying percussion brings the idea of a reJeremy Bellion to your next concert program. This a crisp and exciting concert opener or closer that makes even the youngest of players sound advanced beyond their abilities. Exciting music!



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