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Sittin' in with the Big Band Vol. 1

Jazz Ensemble Play-Along

Besetzung: Trompete
Ausgabe: Noten und Online Audio
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Serie: Sittin' In With The Big Band
Verlag: Belwin Music
Bestell-Nr.: ALF27533
ISBN: 9780739045152
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 30.09.2007
Gewicht: 136 g
Seiten: 24


Sittin' In with the Big Band: Jazz Ensemble Play-Along is written at the easy to medium-easy level. It provides an opportunity to play along with a professional jazz ensemble to improve your playing 24/7. As you play along and listen to the outstanding players in the band, you'll learn about blend, style, phrasing, tone, dynamics, technique, articulation, and playing in time, as well as a variety of Latin, swing, ballad and rock styles. Performance tips and suggestions are included in each book. Books are available for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, guitar and drums.


Eleven big-band charts arranged by a variety of top writers
Play-along Online Audio with demo track
Solo improvisation opportunities
Performance tips/suggestions


Sax To The Max
Nutcracker Rock
Fiesta Latina
Now What
Goodbye My Heart
Two And A Half Men
Burritos To go
Drummin' Man
Swingin' Shanty
Play That Funky Music