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Paul Lewis

Girl with Harp and Roses

for harp

Besetzung: Harfe
Ausgabe: Spielpartitur(en)
Komponist: Paul Lewis
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Genre: Klassik
Verlag: Goodmusic Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: GM267
ISMN: 9790222309999
Erscheinung: 01.01.2020
Dauer: 04:30 min
Gewicht: 56 g


In December 2018, browsing in an antique shop, I discovered a hand-coloured photographic print, dated 1900, of a loosely attired maiden with long wavy pre-Raphaelite hair bearing roses and gazing languidly into the air by a harp remarkably similar to the 1887 Erard Gothic harp I had recently purchased.
Is she Erato, the Muse of Love Poetry, more often portrayed with a lyre? Is she Ophelia contemplating a watery grave? Or is she the spirit of the harp itself? Whatever or whomsoever she is, she is made all the more alluring by the presence of the harp, that most seductive of musical instruments. Together, maiden and harp inspired this composition.
'Girl with Harp and Roses' is dedicated to harpist Alexander Rider because he loves the picture too. 'Paul Lewis'

'Duration 4½ minutes'