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M. de Aloe

Method For Chromatic Harmonica

Besetzung: Mundharmonika
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
Komponist: M. de Aloe
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Verlag: Sher Music Co.
Bestell-Nr.: 9781883217716
ISBN: 9781883217716
Sprache: englisch
Tags: Play Along


- Includes a great play-along CD to practice with. Each track has one version with, and one without, the author playing the tune or exercise.
- Contains hundreds of exercises to develop technical proficiency in every key, as well as rhythmic awareness and melodic fluency.
- Exercises written in musical notation, not tablature.
- Full of tunes to practice, arpeggio studies, scale studies, sight-reading studies, sound production tips, and special harmonica techniques.
- 147 page book plus an hour-long play-along CD.

'This is a very good place to start to learn how to play the chromatic harmonica. It is a very positive step forward and I have deep respect for the author's efforts in this method book.'
- Toots Thielemans

'At last a method for jazz harmonica! Max de Aloe's book finally closes a big gap. Well-written and full of understanding, Max's book will be the reference for some time to come.'
- Hendrik Meurkens

FINALLY! A comprehensive method for the Chromatic Harmonica that treats it like a musical instrument in all respects.
For beginning to advanced players, in any style of music.