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Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, George David Weiss

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Discovery Level 2

Besetzung: Gemischter Chor (3-stimmig)
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, George David Weiss
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Bearbeiter: Roger Emerson
Serie: Discovery Choral
Verlag: Hal Leonard
Bestell-Nr.: 00249511
Gewicht: 34 g
Maße: 171x266 mm
Seiten: 16


Here is one of the most popular Doo-wop songs ever. This arrangement features percussion parts for Djembe and Shaker, a simple piano part and ranges that are perfect for young singers. The call and response form allows for easy learning. And since every parent in the audience will know the tune, it will be lots of fun for them to join in if you want.



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