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Steve Guyger

Blues Harmonica

Authentic Styles & Techniques Of The Great Harp Players

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Ausgabe: DVD
Komponist: Steve Guyger
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Serie: DVD
Verlag: Hal Leonard
Bestell-Nr.: 00320976
ISBN: 9781423475569
Gewicht: 85 g
Maße: 133x190 mm


Learn authentic blues harmonica styles and techniques from master bluesman Steve Guyger in this special instructional DVD. Steve shares many valuable playing secrets, concepts, and insights into the rich and timeless traditions of blues harp. Joined by celebrated Chicago blues guitarist Billy Flynn, the DVD also features plenty of inspiring and soulful performances. As an added bonus, guitar backing tracks are included so you can jam along! Topics covered include: harmonica history - harmonica basics - harmonica techniques - sound and tone - playing chords - blues progressions - using positions and keys - playing in a band - and more. 1 hr., 14 min.