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Marco Bordogni

43 Bel Canto Studies

für Tuba oder Bassposaune

Besetzung: Bassposaune
Opt. Besetzung: Tuba
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Marco Bordogni
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Serie: Music for Brass (Robert King)
Verlag: Alphonse Leduc
Bestell-Nr.: AL28604
ISMN: 9790046286049
Sprache: französisch, englisch
Erscheinung: 08.11.2005
Gewicht: 198 g


43 Bel Canto Studies by Marco Bordogni (1789-1856) is a set compiled and edited by Chester Roberts. Initially composed for vocalists, it was transcribed and adapted for tuba or bass trombone. Ideal for developing the range of thetessiture, it also has a strong musicality. Bass trombone players could also find it hugely beneficial for developing their technique. Marco Bordogni (1789-1856) was an Italian operatic tenor and a singing professor who was basedin Paris. He performed in several of Rossini's operas and was awarded the Légion d'Honneur in 1839. He also had a lot of influence on one of his famous students, the English tenor Sims Reeves.