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Baby Shark

Besetzung: Blasorchester
Opt. Besetzung: Blasorchester (Solo/Feature: Instrument)
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
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Bearbeiter: Svein Fjermestad
Verlag: Norsk Noteservice
Bestell-Nr.: WN261717885
ISMN: 9790261717885
Erscheinung: 01.07.2020
Dauer: 2:30 min


With it's over five billion(!) views on YouTube, it's quite likely you've seen the overly catchy 'Baby Shark' ... If not, it´s about time! Here it is as a funky beginners feature where the youngest musicians gets to shine as soloists. In the middle section, the cute sharks can either make a fun shark dance or join in the melody of the band. It's also possible to perform the arrangement without solists. Alle soloist-parts are covered in the band-parts as well.