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Ray Parker


Besetzung: Blasorchester
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Ray Parker
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Bearbeiter: Idar Torskangerpoll
Serie: Norsk Young Band Entertainment
Verlag: Norsk Noteservice
Bestell-Nr.: WN261702607
ISMN: 9790261702607
Dauer: 02:50 min


The title song from 1984-movie Ghostbusters is one of the greatest successes of 80's pop music. Written and performed by Ray Parker Jr. and nominated for Grammy as best original song. This easy but catchy typical pop song of the 80's reached the top of the charts both in US and the UK. This Young Band arrangement is playable also for bands with limited instrumentation. Shure to be a hit on your next entertainment concert!