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Billy Joel

Piano Man

Besetzung: Blasorchester
Opt. Besetzung: Blasorchester (Solo/Feature: Gesang)
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Billy Joel
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Bearbeiter: Thomas Asanger
Verlag: Tierolff Musikverlag
Bestell-Nr.: TRL100034SET
Dauer: 05:21 min


Piano Man' was the first great hit of the American singer and song writer Billy Joel (May 9, 1949). What is special about this song is that it was written from two perspectives. First, that of the piano player, who sings about the lives of the diverse group of people in the bar. The chorus is sung by the bar patrons themselves, who encourage the piano man to sing more. This arrangement can be performed with a singer and a harmonica. The use of a harmonica certainly adds value to the piece as it is one of the two principal musical instruments used in the original version by Billy Joel.