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Stephen C. Foster, Cristi Cary Miller

Folk Songs, Singing Games And Play Parties

(Teacher Edition) Activity Songs For The Elementary Music Classroom (Collection)

Besetzung: Chor
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Stephen C. Foster, Cristi Cary Miller
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Serie: Expressive Art Choral
Verlag: Hal Leonard
Bestell-Nr.: 09970463
Gewicht: 227 g
Maße: 216x279 mm
Seiten: 72


It's party time! This unique collection of beloved folk songs will supply hours of fun for your music classroom. Each song provides an activity, game or dance that can easily be adapted to all learning situations. In addition you will find simple Orff and instrumental accompaniment ideas, as well as easy-to-follow teaching suggestions. This collection provides six songs for your younger students and six for your older ones. A Performance/Accompaniment CD offers the flexibility for hands-free teaching, or you may choose to use the complimentary piano accompaniment. Reproducible song sheets are an added bonus and are sure to make this song collection a must for your music library! Includes 12 songs. Available: Teacher Edition (with reproducible singer pages) and Performance/Accomp. CD. For Grades 1-6.


I've Been Working On The Railroad
Draw Me A Bucket Of Water
Riding In A Buggy
The Bird's Courting Song
The Derby Ram
Fed My Horse
Goin' To The Party
Johnson Boys
Lots O' Fish In Bonavist' Harbor
Old Doc Jones
Oh! Susanna
Weevily Wheat