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John Dowland

Collected Lute Music

Besetzung: Laute
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: John Dowland
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Genre: Klassik
Verlag: Faber Music
Bestell-Nr.: 0571100392
ISBN: 9780571100392
Erscheinung: 30.11.1998
Gewicht: 1182 g
Seiten: 344


This is a comprehensive and exhaustive collection of Dowland's compositions for the Lute, with critical commentaries, lists of sources and biographical notes, as thoroughly compiled and edited by Diana Poulton and Basil Lam. The music is presented in both keyboard notation and Lute tablature.


A Fantasie
Forlorn Hope Fancy
Farewell (An In Nomine)
A Fancy
Piper's Pavan
Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
Solus Cum Sola
Mrs Brigide Fleetwood's Pavan alias Solus Sine Sola
Dr Case's Pavan
Mr John Langton's Pavan
Sir John Langton's Pavan
A Pavan
The Lady Russell's Pavan
Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard
Dowland's Galliard
John Dowland's Galliard
Dowland's First Galliard
The Frog Galliard
Melancholy Galliard
Sir John Souch's Galliard
A Galliard
A Galliard (on a galliard by Daniel Bacheler)
Giles Hobie's Galliard
A Galliard (on Walsingham)
Mrs Vaux Galliard
Mr Langton's Galliard
Mr Knight's Galliard
My Lord Chamberlain, His Galliard
The Right Honourable The Lord Viscount Lisle, His Galliard
Round Battle Galliard
The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, His Galliard
The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard
Can She Excuse
The Right Honourable Robert Earl of Essex, His Galliard
The Lady Rich's Galliard
The Right Honourable The Lady Rich, Her Galliard
The Earl of Derby's Galliard
The Right Honourable Ferdinando Earl of Derby, His Galliard
The Right Honourable The Lady Clifton's Spirit
Galliard to Lachrimae
Sir John Smith, His Almain
Smythes Allmayne
Lady Laiton's Almain
An Almain
Mrs White's Thing
A Piece Without Title
Mrs Nichols' Almain
Mrs Clifton's Almain
Lady Hunsdon's Puffe
Mrs Winter's Jump
Mrs White's Nothing
Mrs Vaux's Jig
The Shoemaker's Wife
Tarleton's Riserrectione
Come Away
Orlando Sleepeth
Go from my Window
Lord Strang's March
My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
Loth to Depart
A Fantasia
A Fancy
A Dream
Mrs Norrish's Delight
What if a Day
A Coy Joy
Tarleton's Jig
Hasellwood's Galliard
Galliarda Dulandi 39
Pauana Dulandi
Galliarda Dulandi 8
Piper's Galliard
Can She Excuse
Suzanna Galliard
Galliard Fr Cutting
Del Excellentissimo Musico Jano Dulando
Pavana Johan Douland
La Mia Barbara
The Queen's Galliard
Mr Dowland's Midnight