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Nicholas Carleton, John Amner, John Tomkins

Keyboard Solos and Duets

Early Keyboard

Besetzung: Klavier
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Nicholas Carleton, John Amner, John Tomkins
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Verlag: Stainer & Bell Ltd.
Bestell-Nr.: STAIN-K48
ISMN: 9790220224454
Herausgeber: Alan Brown
Gewicht: 130 g


Six pieces from Musica Britannica Volume 96, by Nicholas Carleton, John Amner and John Tomkins. Edited by Alan Brown.

Complementary to K49, this collection is a unique offering of music by John Amner, Nicholas Carleton and John Tomkins that is the only surviving keyboard music by the respective composers. In addition to a pair of duets, in themselves an unusual feature from the period, there are two lengthy sets of variations, Amner's being a rare example of those on a metrical psalm or hymn-tune (possibly by Tallis in this case), John Tomkins's being more conventionally modelled on the variation sets of William Byrd. Nicholas Carleton's 'A verse of 4 parts' and 'Upon the sharp' include several examples of unusual chromatic notation and wide-ranging tonal schemes.


Prelude (for two to play): Nicholas Carleton?
A verse (In nomine) for two to play

Nicholas Carleton

A verse of 4 parts: Nicholas Carleton
Upon the sharp: Nicholas Carleton
O Lord, in thee is all my trust: John Amner
John come kiss me now: John Tomkins