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Noten von Ann Rabson

    • Besetzung Klavier
    • Besetzung Klavier

    No music reading is required for this book/DVD pack! The book covers topics such as: two-beat shuffle, box shuffle, linear boogie woogie, round boogie woogie, Yancy/Domino-inspired groove, and New...

    Bestell-Nr.: 00312319


    Bestell-Nr.: 00312319

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  • Ann Rabson

    Blues & Barrelhouse Piano

    Instructional Piano DVD featuring Ann Rabson

    • Besetzung Bildtonträger
    • Besetzung Bildtonträger

    Ann Rabson has been playing and singing the blues professionally since 1962. Ann has toured all over the world, performing solo, with the band Saffire, and with piano legend Erwin Helfer. In this...

    Bestell-Nr.: 00320833


    Bestell-Nr.: 00320833

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