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Noten von Karl Aranjo

    • Besetzung Gitarre
    • Besetzung Gitarre

    Perfect for teachers and students, this book covers critical chord concepts, theory and applications, all in a logical and easy-to-use way. Includes information on basic open string chords, barre...

    Bestell-Nr.: 00315159


    Bestell-Nr.: 00315159

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  • Karl Aranjo

    Guitar Scale Guru

    • Besetzung Gitarre
    • Besetzung Gitarre

    All of the essential diagrams, drawings and information concerning theory, scales, and their uses in one easy-to-use book! Covers the five essential scales for today's guitarists - major, major...

    Bestell-Nr.: 00315189


    Bestell-Nr.: 00315189

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