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Gordon Goodwin's BIG PHAT BAND

Big Phat Band Play-Along Vol. 2



Besetzung: Schlagzeug
Ausgabe: Noten und DVD
Komponist: Gordon Goodwin
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Interpret: Gordon Goodwin's BIG PHAT BAND
Serie: Big Phat Band Play Along
Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: ALF42587
ISBN: 9781470611361


Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play-Along Series, Volume 2 teaches you the art of ensemble playing. Using actual charts from Gordon's recent CDs, you will learn volumes of information about style, phrasing, tone, dynamics, technique, articulation, playing in time, and improvisation. Stylistically, the charts include swing tempos from medium to very fast, and funk and Latin grooves. Five books are available: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and drums. Each book contains solo sections, with chord changes for horns, and transcriptions of recorded solos by the Big Phat Band's lead players. And the TNT 2 Custom Mix software on the accompanying DVD-ROM lets you listen to and play along with the outstanding players in the Big Phat Band.



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