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Studio & Big Band Drumming


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Verlag: C.L. Barnhouse Company
Bestell-Nr.: 070-1990-44


Interpretation von Studio- und Big Band Drum Charts.

This book is extremely useful in providing the drummer with the fundamental skills to perform in a studio orchestra, big band, show band or small combo. It includes concepts, ideas and philosophies concerning how to play musically with any type of ensemble. Ideally, this book will prepare the drummer for most reading situations. Written by drumset master Steve Houghton who is well known as an instructor, performer and recording artist and from his numerous clinics as a staff clinician for Yamaha Drums. This comphrensive book comes with plastic covered wire binding so the book lays flat while you play along with the written examples.

Book Includes:
Definitions of common terms and phrases
Exercises in articulation, phrasing, set-ups/fills
Recordings of numerous written examples from the book showing common ensemble figures and passages.
Play-along drum parts to 10 Big Band & Studio formats recorded on the 2 CD's