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Sheila M. Nelson

The Essential String Method Book 1

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Komponist: Sheila M. Nelson
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Verlag: Boosey & Hawkes
Bestell-Nr.: BH1300165
ISMN: 9790060105173
ISBN: 9780851625331
Sprache: englisch


The award-winning 'Essential String Method' offers an exciting advance in the teaching of stringed instruments, integrating musical awareness, creativity and technical development from the outset.
Making their way through the series, pupils encounter an attrractive selection of new tunes and arrangements on which to build their repertoire. The material is presented as a logical progression of musical activites involving both the instrument and the voice. These make learning fun and are easily incorporated into instrumental lessons, simultaneously developping the pupil's technical and musical abilities while reinforcing aspects of the school music curriculum.
Developed by leading string teachers, 'The Essential String Method' provides a proven framework that draws on recognised concepts in good teaching practice, laying reliable foundations for future musical development.


4 for doh (Nelson)
Afternoon Blues (Howard)
All Aboard (Nelson)
All in a Row (Nelson)
Chocolate Treats (Nelson)
Circles (Nelson)
Cowboy Chorus (Nelson)
First Finger Boogie (Elliott)
Half Past Three (Nelson)
Hoe Down (Fletcher)
Hot Cross Buns (Nelson)
Hot Cross Buns (Nelson)
Jackdaw (Nelson)
Low D, High D (Nelson)
Lavender's Blue (Elliott)
Low D, High D (Nelson)
Marching (Nelson)
Marching Scale (Nelson)
Merrily we Roll Along (Elliott)
Nearly Asleep (Nelson)
New Waltz (Nelson)
Off We Go (Elliott)
Pease Pudding (Elliott)
Rowing Boats (Elliott)
Spacemen (Nelson)
Sandcastles (Elliott)
Swing as you Play (Nelson)
Skittles (Elliott)
Three Brave Mice (Nelson)
Spacemen (Nelson)
Spinning (Elliott)
Waltzing Scale (Nelson)
Swing as you Play (Nelson)
The Grand Old Duke of York (Elliott)
Three Brave Mice (Nelson)
Twinkle Duet (Elliott)
Two a Penny (Nelson)
Waltzing Scale (Nelson)